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Monday, September 30, 2013

Math makes me cry!!

   Well, here it is October, and by now I am figuring out what DOESN'T work. You would think with this being our ninth year homeschooling I would know what I was doing by now. I don’t. We changed curriculum this year. Oh, I didn't do this lightly. I researched. I read reviews. I looked at samples. I was sure the one we decided on as a family would just be the perfect fit. Like, maybe even teach it for me and then grade and organize the papers afterward. ;-) I was kind of bummed when it didn't do that… For the most part, it is a lovely stack of books that we are enjoying, all except the math part. It brought tears. Lots of tears. Tears from the girls. Tears from the Mom (that’s me) and then lots of texts to my sweet husband saying “I don’t think I can do this anymore!!!” Poor guy, you know he was probably thinking “I thought you wanted those books? You said it had great reviews.” After several weeks of that same scenario, we decided that those beautiful, glossy math books might not be the perfect fit for our family/schedule.  So, we put that overly priced set of books on the shelf for later, knowing full well that it will probably end up as a donation for the free book swap. I’ll be sure and put a disclaimer on the inside cover warning that ‘This set of math books has been known to bring tears. Study at your own risk!’

   Along with learning what doesn't work for us, I have been reminded of what does. Fun stuff! I truly believe that is a very important part of our home school. I don’t ever remember as a child wishing my parents were more scholastically minded. No, I wanted to explore the woods, play games, take picnics, make cookies, and build forts…all that cool stuff that is easily forgotten as an adult. School work is definitely important, and it needs to come first, but don’t forget to plan a little bit of memory making with your children, too! Fall is an awesome time to get outside and enjoy all the beauty this state has to offer.

   So, when the tears are flowing, the phone is ringing, one child has disappeared with the stash of Oreos, and the laundry has soured in the washer, take a deep breath, get finished with the things you have to do, and make time for the things you all WANT to do!

 It is a happy talent to know how to play.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson