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Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer is...

Summer is... pretty girls in dresses,
 Water fun,
And hiking,
Summer is... gardening,
And porch sitting.
Summer is...archery practice,
trampolines, Popsicles, and friends!
Summer classes,
Pine derby races,
And bowling.
Summer is...butterflies, worms, tadpoles, and toads. parking lot fishing,
Too much sun, and not enough slushies.
Summer is...backyard swimming,
And 'dog fishing'. ;-) rivers,
And exploring God's marvelous creation. happy lawnmowers,
Kitty love,
And getting lost somewhere in Kentucky, but finding a great wishing well! Seriously, people should get lost more! It's fun!
Summer is...workshops, (learning to grow mushrooms),
Hanging out with friends,
And kitchen windows filled with bounties from the garden.
Summer is...almost over! :-(
Hope you all have had a wonderful summer.