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Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's missing?

I think most of us are familiar with the fun little activities of "What's Missing"? I remember loving all the Highlights magazines that would be displayed in our doctor's office when I was a kid, and hoping the pages weren't all marked up by some other kid. I was never super good at the activities where they show two pictures that look 'Exactly' alike, but there were hidden differences that the reader was supposed to spot, and then circle. It appears even in the wisdom I have gleaned at my ripe ole' age, I am still not the master of spotting what is missing.

So, after the bunny incident, You can read about it here, The girls and I were on our way to a homeschool get together. I thought we had left early enough to squeeze in a fast trip to the feed store for some needed supplies. As we pulled in the parking lot I realized we had exactly 2.5 minutes to do our shopping, checkout, and then be on our way, to be able to make it on time. No problem! But as we were walking out of the store we noticed something furry, and oh so cute. I quickly dragged the girls back in and asked, "How much for the adorable bunnies"? "Ten dollars", was the reply. Awesome! I had $10 bucks in my pocket!! So in the matter of about 35 seconds, we picked our bunny, stuck it in a box, paid for it and were on our way.

Our homeschool get together was our local co-op. I am one of the teachers in Princess #3's class, and since we were doing a little unit study on spring, and we do show and tell every time, I let Princess #3 show our new little critter during the show and tell time. All the kids loved it! Such a calm little bunny. They are normally not that calm when they are so young. As she was showing the unnamed bunny, and telling all about the "why" we have it, I noticed something. Something was different with this bunny, but I couldn't put my finger on it. After it was passed around to all the precious little girls in the class, we decided to put it on the ground and let it hop around, and then I finally figured it out! The thing only had three legs!!!

I was so worried that my girls would be bummed that they didn't have a 'whole' bunny, but my fears were not to come true. They loved it, and kept going on and on about how this rabbit needs us to love it and protect it. Guess they forgot how well we did protecting the old one. ;-)

We used to raise our rabbits in our old chicken yard. I love to see animals living as close to their natural state as possible. We soon learned why most people don't raise them like that. They dig out! Sweet Man had lined the whole thing with fence to combat this problem, but then arose some other problems. Like mites. I don't know if it was where we had chickens in the pen before, or the fact that the ground was kind of moist, but a rabbit with an ear full of mites is not a happy rabbit. So with our new rabbit, and  existing lone survivor rabbit, we decided to move to the hutch style rabbit raising. We tried raising them together, but quickly realized our new little white bunny, was in fact a boy. :-o So a new rabbit hutch was purchased, and they are quite content to have their own living quarters. Well at least Lilly, the girl, is. ;-)
Since the rabbits were moved out of the old chicken pen, it was freed up for the next in line. The baby chicks. Which is awesome since they were living in my laundry room. It's hard to produce fresh smelling clothes when a box full of chickens, and the cat's littler box are all in the same room. ;-)

Everyone seems to be happy with their new living arrangements. :-)

Friday, April 13, 2012

A princess turns 7!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! What a blessing you are to our family! 
We love you so much!!!