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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A hard lesson

As a mom, and especially a homeschool mom, I feel the weight of just how much stuff I have to teach my girls. Some days Most days just do not seem long enough to cram in all the necessary things I want them to learn. Not only am I responsible for teaching them spiritual truths, reading, writing and math, but also how to be polite, chew with your mouth closed, flush the potty when your finished, how to hold a fork and knife while eating, and for the love of Pete HOW TO SHARE! I have totally bombed on the last one, and I mean that in the worst way. I am starting to wonder if it is even possible??

If I thought teaching math or how to share was hard, I have found something even harder. It's death. I just hate it!!  

Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon with our horses. I taught them how to clean hooves, de-tangle manes and tales etc. It was a lovely afternoon. We were short a comb (remember that whole share thing?) So I was going to make a quick trip up to the house to get another one. That's when I saw it. The dogs were fighting over something. It was big and kind of looked like a chicken, but no, the coloring was not right. Was it a fox? When I got closer my mouth dropped wide open and my knees all of a sudden felt really strange. It was the girls pet rabbit. I stood there confused. The dogs had never paid any attention to this sweet little girl,  and had even let her hop all around them. But not this time. They had killed her and were flipping her around like a little rag doll. At first I thought I should just dispose of it without telling the girls, but that didn't feel right. No. This is part of life and something they will have to learn how to handle.... unfortunately. 

For someone who normally is not at a loss for words, I was. 
Rest In peace Sweet Copper.
Clover: "Sorry"....

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