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Monday, January 31, 2011

Apparently instructions are necessary!

If you're gonna read beauty magazines, be prepared for pain!
If you're gonna try waxing your mustache (girls aren't supposed to have these ya know), read the directions.
If you fail to read the directions, and your husband is in the same room, in the shower, at least due this in the buff. That way when you get embarrassed that you have the pre waxed strips stuck on your face, and you ask hubby if he still thinks you are attractive, he can say yes..
I don't think he was looking at my face when I asked ;-)
If you still feel the need to do this waxing thing, at least pick a day that you don't have to go anywhere.
Cashiers will have a hard time not giggling, and people will stare!
Last but not least, DO NOT use anything with alcohol to remove these suckers!!
 I am now the proud owner of a chemical burn that keeps getting redder and redder. 
That fuzzy white mustache hair isn't looking so bad right now....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sassafrass Junction!

A trip to Sassafrass junction is filled with many exciting things! Upon arrival, you will be greeted by this gorgeous character, who will sell you tickets and flash you this dazzling smile.
Bee bopping good music, furry critters and great friends can often be found...
Along with some awesome story telling, while sitting upon the ground.
You'll see an octopus...
And a  joke telling bird!
I hear this place is so neat, 
that Super Man might be there for the meet and greet!
 Thanks to the cast and crew who helped us all have a great time!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Family under construction!

Sometimes I wonder, about God's decision making. Knowing good and well that we are messed up people, He gives us children to raise. I wonder, when I loose it over one of the princesses spilling a full bottle of mouthwash, on a newly mopped floor, does He think "Oh dear, what was I thinking giving her kids?" Or when I take allowances away because of clothes thrown about, and potties NEVER flushed, does He question my grasp of what grace really looks like? I mean seriously though, how hard is it to flush a potty? It takes like two seconds and spares the next person from being an eye witness to your "business."... I wonder if He ever worries about my child's education like I do, and stress over my curriculum choices... Or worry that they don't get to do enough organized sports and clubs, like their other home school buddies?

Of course He doesn't!! He can see the big picture, and He sees that all of these little incidents, situations etc., play a huge part in who they will become. It strengthens their character, patience and understanding of others. If they were able to do everything that they wanted , they wouldn't understand the families that couldn't. If they didn't have a mom that lost her 'cool' on occasion, they wouldn't understand the apology, forgiving process. Oh yes. We are all works in progress. We are all under construction to be someone better than we are at this current moment.

Last night, as Sweet Man and I lay in bed with our snacks of bananas and yogurt, watching our shows, there was a knock on our door. "Come in," we both said in unison. Our oldest Princess had been listening to her MP3 player before bed, and she wanted to talk about something. After hearing what she wanted to tell us, I was glad I had bit my tongue and not said, "You were supposed to be sleeping, not jamming out to praise and worship music!" She had been touched by a certain song, and the Lord had used it in a mighty way, like only He can! She was crying uncontrollably because she was happy, and that was funny to her. She wanted to talk about Jesus more and then we prayed with her. It was an awesome way to end the day.

So you see, I guess the Lord has pretty good decision making skills, not because I am a great parent, or even know what in the world I am even doing half the time. No. His decisions are good because He doesn't leave us alone to do this task of child raising. He steps in and takes control. He uses our strengths AND our weaknesses, because He knows we are a mess, but that we are a work in progress. He even uses those children He gave me, to teach me more about Him. We are a family under construction...and I am ok with that!
Christmas 2008

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dog days in winter...

When your children decide to have a pet fashion show complete with grooming...
  It's important to have enough pets to go around.
 It's also important to pay attention to the dogs when they are doing the pee pee dance, and need to be let outside!!
Yes. That is a wet spot on my carpet! Don't worry I cleaned it up....but the carpet's days are numbered for sure! Isn't it funny how Clover is hiding her face in shame? 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The white board saves the day!

For me to enjoy something, I have to feel good at doing it. I have noticed that anytime I loose my joy for something, it's usually because I don't feel very good at whatever "it" is. Realizing that to be true in our homeschooling, I took a day and made a schedule. A schedule to help me remember what we are even doing. A schedule in plain sight so the girls would know what was expected of them. We needed a plan. We are very fortunate to have a HUGE white board that we acquired at a school auction. It seemed like the perfect place to place such a schedule.
This has proved to be a tremendous help. With the help of a trusty timer....
The girls are learning to be pretty independent on their school work. They know when the timer goes off, to look at what is next on the list and move on, unless they need help of course. It has helped me to keep track at what we actually do during the day. Some days I feel like we have done NOTHING, when in fact we did a lot. Then there are the other days that I feel pretty good about what we have done, and in fact it wasn't very much at all...that's cool....we all need unproductive days sometimes....days spent with M&M's and Regis and Kelly! :-o

It might seem silly, but we also scheduled spontaneous outings on this board. Can you really schedule spontaneous things? Well....No, but it is nice to have a list of things to choose from when that spontaneity hits. It is always good to be prepared ya know!
What is awesome about this list? It gives the girls motivation to finish their tasks. Everyone needs a goal, and these goals are fun. I did put the escape clause in there "only when work is done, and attitudes are great"...That way if your tired or out of money, you just say..."remember that bad attitude you had the other day sweetie"....and your pretty sure between three girls someone probably had a bad attitude. ;-)

Work has been getting done and attitudes have been relatively good around here. Yesterday was a day to enjoy one of those activities on that white board. They had picked swimming to be the first one. We found a super cheap place to go and some friends to join us. It was a great day!
We needed this day. Winter has seemed extra long this year and sometimes kind of lonely. How is it lonely with a house full of people? I don't know...some days it just is. I was very happy to offer this "reward" for the girls....all the while enjoying it as much as they did. I got to visit with some very special friends. To have a friend is one of the greatest delights in life, and I am thankful to have several of those delights!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life....a roller coaster ride.

Today the Fry household is a little bummed out. Life really is a roller coaster ride, with many ups and downs. Sometimes it seems like everything is going great, and working out just like you had hoped. Then there are the "other" days. Days that we wish we didn't have. Days that you realize, the things that you had hoped and prayed for, aren't going to come to pass. You wonder, why did God take you down this road, only to close the door at the end? 

I got the same email yesterday from two separate people. Pretty sure God was trying to tell me something in this email, so I read it...and reread it. I even read it a third time! In this email there was wisdom. Wisdom that I needed to hear. Several of the tips were wonderful, but two really hit home..

Don't have negative thoughts on things you cannot control.
          Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

Smile and laugh more.

So today we are going to focus on the present moment. We are still going to smile and laugh and move forward. Smiling doesn't always mean everything is going perfect. It means that you are trying to find the good, and refuse to let your worries consume your thoughts. It means that you can choose to be happy, even though it's easier to not.  We are going to trust that God knows what He is doing, even when we don't. We are going to lay in the bed and eat sugary M&M's, while reading about how to have a healthy life style! ;-) After all, we never did finish our lessons on living a well balanced life! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Saturday filled with Fabric!

Stuck in the house with nothing to do? Oh, you have cleaning chores that need to be done, but who wants to do that? Your Sweet Man is out with your brother, cutting down trees to keep each other's families warm...and guess where the kids are...with you of course! :-)
You look see fabric. Fabric you say? Yes. Fabric. Are we going to sew? No way. I don't even know how to sew. You ask, "well, then what do we have fabric for?" It was on sale of course! ;-)

You have fabric that can be used as impromptu costumes for a ballet, complete with a talking horse!
A ballet complete with refreshments.
You have fabric that can be used to turn an ordinary couch, into a stage fit for a puppet show. 
 That stage will have to be shared with the cat though. She REFUSES to move!
Fabric that can turn little girls into magicians.
Magicians that can turn a funky looking cow....
Into beautiful looking young ladies....
Or perhaps, even into a card shark!
This fabric is so cool, that it can even turn into a sail boat...
 Or a speed boat...
From where I sit, this Saturday doesn't look too bad, and neither does fabric. ;-)

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Milk Shakes" for breakfast!!

This morning I needed something. Something yummy. Something fresh. Something easy to make, that would give me energy throughout the day. I couldn't decide on just one item, so I just threw them all together....for a smoothie that is!
When time is short, and you still want to get that "five a day" helps if you can get them all at the same time ;-) It would take me FOREVER to chew all that stuff!
I have found if I dress the drinks up, by putting them in a fancy glass with a straw....
 That the princesses will suck those puppies down in a flash. Presentation is everything when it comes to kids. These glasses are reserved for the adults, so it is a rare occasion that they have the privilege of being served something out of these.
So, next time you hear my girls say, that their mama gave them milk shakes for breakfast...don't judge me too harshly...for I have also found, that if you give them a "special name" it goes a long way too!

Almond milk
one single serving size Greek yogurt
3 cups cantaloupe
2 bananas
1 cup spinach 
1 apple
drizzle of honey
Put the almond milk in first and then add diced ingredients. Serve over ice, with a smile!

Never a dull moment.....

These are some exciting times we are living in, over here at the Fry house. And even though I can't say that they are stress free, they are definitely not dull or boring. Take this past evening for instance, This sweet little princess came out of the bathroom, at the office, smelling like roses...LITERALLY!
Upon asking what that most powerful fragrance was, she replied "Perfume, it was on the counter." Now, there isn't any perfume in that bathroom, but there was a full bottle of Glade air freshener! :-o For fear of passing out, I had to crack the windows on the drive home!

When we arrived home, I reminded the girls to brush their teeth and floss before bed. I was not prepared for the next twenty minutes of commotion....
Apparently, flossing can lead to the loss of least, that is what the girls are convinced of. They may never floss again!!!

P.S. Thanks to Princess #2 for coming to my rescue. She donated a most cherished rock collection, and a ring, to slip under the pillow of Princess #1. I was not prepared for this occasion, and it seemed wrong to write a check for $1.....;-)