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Friday, January 14, 2011

"Milk Shakes" for breakfast!!

This morning I needed something. Something yummy. Something fresh. Something easy to make, that would give me energy throughout the day. I couldn't decide on just one item, so I just threw them all together....for a smoothie that is!
When time is short, and you still want to get that "five a day" helps if you can get them all at the same time ;-) It would take me FOREVER to chew all that stuff!
I have found if I dress the drinks up, by putting them in a fancy glass with a straw....
 That the princesses will suck those puppies down in a flash. Presentation is everything when it comes to kids. These glasses are reserved for the adults, so it is a rare occasion that they have the privilege of being served something out of these.
So, next time you hear my girls say, that their mama gave them milk shakes for breakfast...don't judge me too harshly...for I have also found, that if you give them a "special name" it goes a long way too!

Almond milk
one single serving size Greek yogurt
3 cups cantaloupe
2 bananas
1 cup spinach 
1 apple
drizzle of honey
Put the almond milk in first and then add diced ingredients. Serve over ice, with a smile!


  1. That sounds great - I've never used cantaloupe in them before! Another fun thing to try is coconut milk & and a touch of coconut oil with berries. I like to put flax in ours, too. Oh, and check these out: Aren't they cool?

  2. Stephanie, your recipe sounds wonderful!!!...and I love those straws :-) Very cool indeed!