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Monday, January 31, 2011

Apparently instructions are necessary!

If you're gonna read beauty magazines, be prepared for pain!
If you're gonna try waxing your mustache (girls aren't supposed to have these ya know), read the directions.
If you fail to read the directions, and your husband is in the same room, in the shower, at least due this in the buff. That way when you get embarrassed that you have the pre waxed strips stuck on your face, and you ask hubby if he still thinks you are attractive, he can say yes..
I don't think he was looking at my face when I asked ;-)
If you still feel the need to do this waxing thing, at least pick a day that you don't have to go anywhere.
Cashiers will have a hard time not giggling, and people will stare!
Last but not least, DO NOT use anything with alcohol to remove these suckers!!
 I am now the proud owner of a chemical burn that keeps getting redder and redder. 
That fuzzy white mustache hair isn't looking so bad right now....

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