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Friday, January 14, 2011

Never a dull moment.....

These are some exciting times we are living in, over here at the Fry house. And even though I can't say that they are stress free, they are definitely not dull or boring. Take this past evening for instance, This sweet little princess came out of the bathroom, at the office, smelling like roses...LITERALLY!
Upon asking what that most powerful fragrance was, she replied "Perfume, it was on the counter." Now, there isn't any perfume in that bathroom, but there was a full bottle of Glade air freshener! :-o For fear of passing out, I had to crack the windows on the drive home!

When we arrived home, I reminded the girls to brush their teeth and floss before bed. I was not prepared for the next twenty minutes of commotion....
Apparently, flossing can lead to the loss of least, that is what the girls are convinced of. They may never floss again!!!

P.S. Thanks to Princess #2 for coming to my rescue. She donated a most cherished rock collection, and a ring, to slip under the pillow of Princess #1. I was not prepared for this occasion, and it seemed wrong to write a check for $1.....;-)

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