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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Fear is one of those things that sometimes you just can't shake. Even though I know that the Lord has not called us to have a spirit of fear...sometimes I have it. I feel like Satan sometimes gets a hold of that fear, and runs with it. He has been doing that to me lately, in regards to homeschooling.  Am I doing enough with them?  Even though I truly feel like God has called us to be a homeschooling family, I have been struggling with it recently. I have been doing this for 6 years now, and some other options were starting to look rather glamorous. I kept asking myself what had changed. Were the girls being disobedient? No. Were they not doing their school? No, they were getting their work done. It was me!!! I had started to loose my love for it. How do you get that back? I have been praying for contentment and peace, and He has been faithful to give it!

We are set to have a great day today with each other. A day around the kitchen table reading good books together and eating some snacks. That looks pretty glamorous to me, and when the girls are older I will cherish the fact that we spent this treasured time together. Learning from books and each other. Learning that life doesn't always pan out like we plan, but can blow us away by how great it can be, if we let it! The lesson for the day?? Blooming where we are planted!


  1. You bloom very well - I love where you are planted!

  2. I can say the same about you Mom!! <3 u!