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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting to the heart of the lunch at a time!

  It was the room that time forgot. Drafty in winter and dusty in summer. It was cozy enough with a soft brown couch and a refinished trunk full of board games that rarely ever got played…yet it was an extra room that really didn’t have a purpose…until now.

  One on one time is scarce in a home-school family. We have chosen the lifestyle of experiencing things together as a group. We school, play sports, bake, and thrift store shop, take field trips, craft, and even work and do chores together. As awesome as that is, it leads very little time to just be with one child…alone…chatting about what is going on in their lives/hearts.

  The Lord has really laid it on my heart lately to treasure my kids. To let them know how important they are to me, and that they are not an inconvenience. There are many ways to go about this, but for my girls it is most definitely shown the most in listening. They want to tell me about every book they read. They want to chat about a movie, friends, favorite things, dreams, goals, and all those things that go along with growing up. Try as I might, I can’t always find the time to just stop what I’m doing, sit down, and listen. Oh I’ve tried, but with three sweet girls who have been given the gift of gab, I’m sure I would never get anything done.

  So, once a week, that cozy little forgotten room, will have a much valued purpose. It will serve as a mother/daughter lunch date. I will get to pray with and for my daughter…alone. Those rarely used board games will be pulled out. A simple lunch served on our best dishes (you know, the ones that aren’t plastic), along with some sort of liquid served in tea cups, will be enjoyed together. My phone will not enter this room with us, and the other two girls will be instructed to respect this time…for they will want it respected when it’s their turn. We’ll giggle, read a book together, play games, and chat.

  Why so spread out and only have one date a week? I want this time to be intentional. I want it to be a time we look forward to, instead of it becoming just another thing on the calendar. Sometimes less really is more…

  What a blessing this time has been for my girls and me. Out of all the things that I do for my girls, this will probably be one they remember the most. They can’t wait until it’s their turn. They save up things they want to talk about or questions they want to ask..and it’s so simple. Doesn’t cost a thing…but is worth so much.

  Getting to know your children’s hearts takes time…time well spent!