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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dog days in winter...

When your children decide to have a pet fashion show complete with grooming...
  It's important to have enough pets to go around.
 It's also important to pay attention to the dogs when they are doing the pee pee dance, and need to be let outside!!
Yes. That is a wet spot on my carpet! Don't worry I cleaned it up....but the carpet's days are numbered for sure! Isn't it funny how Clover is hiding her face in shame? 


  1. I could share horror stories of what our cat has done since all the company was here earlier this month!! She didn't like being locked up in a bedroom away from all the action! 8-/ your picture is too funny!

  2. Did you not have her litter box with her? Cats are bad...the ones we have now are really good about only using the box....but those 3 kittens we got the girls last year were TERRIBLE!!...which is why we no longer have was so crazy, it would poop beside the box....I'm thinking hermit crabs are the way to go...LOL