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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sassafrass Junction!

A trip to Sassafrass junction is filled with many exciting things! Upon arrival, you will be greeted by this gorgeous character, who will sell you tickets and flash you this dazzling smile.
Bee bopping good music, furry critters and great friends can often be found...
Along with some awesome story telling, while sitting upon the ground.
You'll see an octopus...
And a  joke telling bird!
I hear this place is so neat, 
that Super Man might be there for the meet and greet!
 Thanks to the cast and crew who helped us all have a great time!


  1. thanks sooooo much for all the kind words about our little theater!! please come back soon!!

  2. I forgot you were going there - looks like sooo much fun! Gotta retire so I can be part of all the fun