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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Going to sleep on the farm....

Going to sleep on the farm can sometimes be a little unnerving. You just never know what you might wake up to.  You could wake up to find that raccoons have feasted on your laying hens. Or how about the resident coyotes that like to visit and taunt your little wienabeagle (part wiener dog part beagle ;-), for she is just the right size for a midnight snack. :-o Or it could even be that a pet rabbit has dug out of her enclosure, and is hopping around the yard. As cute as that might be, it will always lead to a chase. A chase that brings about tons of sweat and mud.

It's true that sometimes I wake up to some unhappy circumstances. But it's also true that I wake up to some pretty amazing ones as well. There is nothing like the sights and sounds of newly hatched chicks, safely tucked under their mother's wing. Or kittens with their eyes closed, rooting around looking for their mama, in Sweet Man's closet. But today takes the cake for sure. I woke up to a special little Miniature Horse that could see me coming with his food!! I fed him before church and was pretty sure he was on the mend from the little mishap the other day. When we came home from church I loaded up my little wagon full of fencing supplies, and let all the horses come down in the field with me. Tom not only walked, but her ran. He jumped. He ate grass. He nuzzled his pasture pals that he hadn't seen since he took up residence in the chicken coop. It was awesome! 

You know what else is awesome? Seeing that little princesses face when she saw that he was going to be okay! :-) Thank you Jesus!!!

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