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Monday, June 11, 2012

Disney 20012

Six days in Disney World are kind of hard to post about. Not because there isn't enough to say, but because there is way too much to say, and it is hard to know where to start. Every time you turn around in Disney there is something awesome to see or do!

Our hotel was definitely on top of the most awesome things on this trip. We stayed at the Disney Boardwalk. It was amazing. Several swimming pools, awesome rooms, being able to walk over to Epcot, ducks to feed, an awesome night life with magic shows, ice cream shops, people who park your car and carry your luggage...and then wait around staring at you.
 Oh...guess you are supposed to tip for that stuff. :-o
 In Disney we saw several 3D shows,
 Some even had a ride with a game to go with it. :-)
 Staying at Boardwalk gives you the advantage of taking a ferry to several of the Disney Kingdoms.
 Or you could take the bus if you wish.
 Everywhere you looked, there were neat things to take a picture in front of.
 There were cars to drive, and all 3 girls are convinced they are good drivers now. Don't think they realize that the real road doesn't have that big steel strip running down the middle to keep you in your lane. ;-)
 Princess #2 volunteering for one of the magic shows on the boardwalk.
 What a fun pool this was to cool off in.

 There were aquariums,
 Drums to play,
 Things to dig in,
 Games that taught you how to save money and invest for retirement. RETIREMENT??? I guess it's never too early to learn. ;-)
 And drinks! Did you know it's hot in Florida in May? 

It was a wonderful trip. One of the neatest things about being on a vacation like this, is the freedom to just enjoy your children. I normally am so busy with chores that I have to make a conscious effort to "play" with the girls. Not here! It was full on fun together. Kind of hard to come back to cooking and cleaning every day after all of that fun. ;-)

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