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Friday, June 1, 2012

A day in St. Augustine

We made it home from our Disney adventures early Sunday morning. We had a blast! We chose to drive the fourteen hour drive for two reasons: My Dad is not a fan of flying, and I LOVE to look at scenery. One of the most amazing things I saw on our drive was this....
We left at 3a.m. on Friday morning. Can you say coffee??
On our trip down, we stopped at St. Augustine for a night, and enjoyed several things that city had to offer. We climbed their light house...visited the gift shop and found fudge, so Princess #1 and I climbed it again. 
I LOVE light houses! I want one. ;-)

 We took a horse drawn carriage tour through the town, and were told the history and some interesting facts about this neat area.
 We visited some pretty neat gardens, and a boat museum. 
 They also had a really neat fort, and water! I just LOVE water!

Add some shopping, and a whole lot of eating, and the day was over. But not before I found this super neat sign for my front porch.
This was a super long day, but very fun!

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