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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disney World or Bust

We are so excited!!! We can't wait!! It's almost time!!

For Christmas, my parents gave us a vacation to Disney World...and it's almost time to go! I have been making lists like crazy, and slowly marking them off. There are so many farm chores that needed to be done before we leave. 

A coyote got into our big chicken coop the other night, and killed several chickens. I woke up to a de-feathered, bruised rooster who was wondering aimlessly around the yard. He never leaves the chicken yard unless there is something wrong. So I spent yesterday getting the coop cleaned out, debugged and demiced, and tucked the survivor chickens in. They are on lock down until the coyote moves on to somebody else's farm.
There were tons of other things on the list, like cleaning barns and cutting grass.
 Who knew cutting the grass could be so much fun?
 I promise there is a pony under all that hair. ;-)
 Shoe shopping was on the list too. We were on the hunt for comfortable, sensible walking shoes.
 These are not going to cut it. ;-) 
We are 'Off to Never land', where parents are free to giggle as much as they want...and not have to scoop a litter box! ;-)

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