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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Super Mom?

Today I might try my hand at being a Super Mom. I am not, and have never been, fond of the whole idea of being a  Super Mom, for I think they have it all backwards. It does not mean getting up at the crack of dawn and going for a 38 mile run, plucking wheat out of the yard on the way back, and then grinding it for a whole grain/ home made breakfast. Kids don't care about that! They want cereal ;-) 

It does not mean bombing through the house on a mission, armed with a vacuum cleaner and dusting rag, just in case the queen happens to be in the neighborhood and stops over for a scone or something. Kids don't care about that. They want to have their Legos spread out everywhere so they can find the most important pieces, and they want to draw little dust figures on the furniture.

It does not mean pouring through Geography books learning everything Rome had to offer their citizens. No. Not today. My girls are begging me to read 'The Berenstain Bears'. Rome can wait till tomorrow. I hear that it didn't fall in a day. ;-)

Yes, Today I might just try my hand at the whole Super Mom thing, for there are some cute little Tee pees in the yard that need some finishing touches. 
                                                             Kids do care about that!

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