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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rescue pony update

It's hard for me to believe we have only had the girls' little rescue pony a little over two months. He is fitting in very! It was a rough start as first. Anytime you add a new critter it messes up the whole pecking order. And when those 'critters' are very large, it makes it even more difficult.

At first my mare just loved this little guy. Until she realized he was a gelding...not what she was looking for in a pasture mate, I guess. Thankfully we have several different pastures, some of which share a fence line. After a week or so of meeting each other over the fence, I tried putting them together. Did not go well. Tippy pretty much tried to kill the frail little pony, which in turn tried to kill me for putting him in such a precarious situation. We got out of that whole scene with only one broken gate, and a bruised shoulder for me...I loved that bruised shoulder...ya know, it could have been my face! :-o

After that scene I wouldn't let the girls mess with the horses at all...which was a total bummer for me...and for them, they are my barn helpers. But little girls, and horses trying to establish who is in charge, don't go together. Two months into this and things have finally settled down in the barnyard. You know what's super funny? That frail, starved little pony is top horse around here now. He decides where he wants to eat in the pasture and everyone else follows his lead. I never saw that one coming! When treats are brought out, he has to get the first bite. The other three horses have come to that understanding as well, and actually back away until it's their turn. Don't ya just love horses with manners!?

We haven't been riding Spirit a whole lot. I wanted to let the horses get comfortable with this new addition to the family, and I wanted him to just focus on eating. He looks remarkably better, but still has a ways to go! He is the most gentle pony and  has yet to spook at anything. That makes a pretty good kid's pony in my book!
Everyone's checking out the new pony in this picture. 
The dog doesn't bother this guy at long as he has something to eat! ;-)
 In case you forgot...this is how he looked when we brought him home. :-( So sad and pitiful!
I think he thought he died and went to heaven. If horses could smile, I do believe he would! My mare loves, but it took several months for her to decide I was worth it. She came from a good home and was very well fed, and I really think she thought she didn't need me. We have won her affection over time though.  This guy knew from the start he needed us. After a couple days of the same routine of feeding, grazing time, and feeding again...he started talking to us. :-) As soon as he hears us up in the morning, he lets us know he's ready to eat. ;-)
I can see the girls having a lot of fun on this little guy, and I am very happy we can give him a home that makes him happy!

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