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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All work and no play?

All work and no play makes you dull? Well I am not sure about that, but it sure does lead to burnout. So this Sunday, when we realized we overslept for church, we had a day trip. We loaded the girls up, and headed to Hawk's nest for a day of taking in all the beauty this state has to offer.
 Mountains and water. Who could ask for more?
We walked a few hiking trails.
 Posed for a few pictures. :-)
 Took in a most amazing view.
 Identified native trees, flowers, birds and bugs.
 Realized just how small we really are.

 We rode the tram, to take in the view from a different angle.
 "Hey, you're supposed to be taking in the view sweet heart!!" ;-)
 Which was well worth the $15 it cost for the whole family. At the bottom there was a swan! A beautiful swan!!
 And a really neat, hands on, nature room....
 With all kinds of neat things you can touch. Little girls love to touch things you know.
After all that fun educational stuff, we took the tram back up and headed on out to the river.
I can still remember my parents taking me here when I was younger. I love that my girls will grow up with some of the same memories that I have. This was a wonderful day...and only cost $15!!!

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