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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love in action!

What a full past few days I have had. I can't quite decide what I want to blog about. Should I write about some of the yummy things that came out of my kitchen?
No, that doesn't seem like something that I will want to remember years later. How about the new hawk that has been circling our house trying to peck off chickens one at a time?
Nope...that's not it either. Hmm...maybe I should write about a "first" for the girls. You know..something they always ask for, and I always say no. Well, this time I said "OK" to the mystery danish. Those cream horns at Kroger's have been catching their eye for some time, so, against better judgement, I let them splurge on the calorie filled snack. It did not end up quite like they thought. They were moaning most of the evening saying they didn't feel good. I wanted to say "I told you so"...but I just ate one for myself so I could sympathize with them. ;-)
As eventful as this was, it still doesn't seem to be the thing I want to remember about this weekend. Oh I know!!! It's the "surprise" work party I planned for my Dad. didn't end up being a surprise, I had to make sure he would be there, but he still seemed rather excited. Most of the family met us up on the hill for an all out "roof raising". Sweet Man was at a men's retreat for church, and since most of my family is terrified of heights, I had to take his place on the roof. He better of got a WHOLE lot out of that retreat. LOL
What a great day this was!! EXHAUSTING, but Great! We got the whole roof done....and it only took us 12 hours. :-o I am going to bed very tired, but oh so happy that we could all pitch in and do this for my Dad. Love should definitley be shown in our actions, and today we showed Dad just how much he is loved. :-)

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