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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The importance of label reading ;-)

By now I think we have all heard how important it is to read the labels on our food. There are so many things we are supposed to be avoiding, that it really limits what we should be buying. It shouldn't have High Fructose Corn Syrup. It should be low in calories, sugar, fat and of course sodium. If it does have fat it needs to be the good kind, not the trans fat stuff....well that leaves lettuce. ;-)

Not only is it important to read the labels before you buy them, I am beginning to see the importance of labeling them after as well. Take yesterday for an example. Before I go to the store I like to do a clean out the fridge meal. I try to use up whatever ingredients I have left before I add new ones. I found some tomato soup leftover from earlier in the week. Hmm...that would be perfect with grilled cheese. So, I made the grilled cheese and re-heated the "soup". When the girls were called in for lunch and told what was on the menu, they were thrilled. EVERYONE likes this meal. Only something seemed weird with the soup. Oh dear....that's not soup, that is spaghetti sauce!! Pizza sandwiches anyone??

At dinner time one of the princesses disappeared right as it was time to sit down. She returned shortly after with these little food labels to use for the meal time. One for drinks, one for foods, and one for vitamins. 

Guess she wanted to be sure she knew what she was eating this time. ;-)

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