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Monday, January 23, 2012

This too shall pass....

Sometimes as a wife and mom, I get tired. I get weary of doing the same things over and over, and not ever feeling like I get ahead. I spend the first half of my day schooling, and the second half cleaning, only to wake up the next morning to what looks like a small tornado touched down somewhere in our house. In its path must have been the jar of homemade jelly. For it is now spread all over my newly mopped floor. As I lean down to do a quick mop of this area, I remind myself, "This too shall pass".

The laundry room did not bypass its path either, for it looks like a years worth of dirty clothes were "deposited" there, as well as stray kitty litter, dirty shoes and craft supplies. This looks like I will have to spend the afternoon in here putting it all back together. I don't really have a free afternoon. So, I cram it all in the hamper. Do a quick sweep with my sock covered feet to push all the litter to at least one side of the room. And remind myself, "This too shall pass".

A morning wake up call to three separate girls rooms should have been done with my eyes closed. "Girls! Didn't I just fold all that laundry yesterday?? Why oh why did you feel the need to make little tents for your stuffed up animals with it??"...."This too shall pass...This too shall pass...This too shall pass.

Night time rolls around where I get to spend a little bit of one on one time with each girl, as I tuck them in. They tell me their most favorite parts of the day. They give me homemade love letters and pictures they made for me during their free time, and they shower me with hugs and kisses. When they are all snuggled in bed I turn to leave their room and gently close their door, and it hits me. Oh No....this too shall pass!!

There are many seasons in a mothers life. They go by so quickly. I am praying that this season does not, for it is one that I love and cherish. Help me Lord to not get caught up in the weariness of it. Help me to not focus on the things that don't really matter. Help to remember the joy on that little one's face as she made her own sandwich, instead of focusing on the floor that "captured" most of it! And me to remember that cat mess next time I see a precious little kitten that I think I  MUST have. ;-)

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