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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A boat and some precious girls

This past weekend our family had many "firsts". Not only did we get a boat, which was given to our family to share from my Sweet Aunt, Sweet Man and I had a weekend alone. The boat was in Tennessee with my Aunt, and my parents planned a weekend visit with her to "pick it up"... so our girls tagged along.

I had so many mixed emotions about this little get away. I was so excited to have so much alone time with my man, but oh so nervous to be away from the girls for so long. The girls were excited and perhaps feeling a little bit more grown up getting to go on this little adventure without mom and dad. But I could tell they were worried to be away from me too.

Friday, while Sweet Man was at work, I was left wondering what in the world to do without children in the house. I didn't want to clean. I do that enough. I really wanted to finish reading "Ginger Pye", but since it is a school book I am reading to the girls, I thought it would be wrong to read it without them. Although I would have had a captive audience. The four inside critters seemed quite confused to not be ridden, dressed up, or played with by the younger family members. I decided to go to the Women's bible study at church. After sitting in the parking lot, for what seemed like an eternity, I made a quick phone call to find that it was cancelled. what? I know, thrift store shopping. This is a favorite of mine and the girls, and the prospect of thrift store shopping and not having the worries of bringing home stuffed animals and plastic toys was pretty exciting. I decided to go to one that I don't normally visit with the girls. The one that claims he has "antiques"...aka junk. But since I love junk, and this place is plum full of glass junk that I fear the girls will topple over, this seemed like the perfect time for such a visit. Without the constant reminding "Don't touch" or "No sweetie, they do not have a bathroom", I stayed way too long, and spent way too much. Twenty Five dollars buys a lot of this man's "antiques". I guess you could say not having children can get expensive. ;-)

After my shopping I decided to treat myself to a gourmet candy bar. You know what's weird? I was able to eat the WHOLE thing. I can't remember the last time that happened, and it's not because I am normally watching my figure. Little girls come running when they hear the rustle of wrappers, and I do believe they can smell chocolate from across the house. To actually be able to eat the whole thing made me feel quite ill, and made me miss the smiling faces with smeared chocolate all the more. I guess you could say not having children  is bad for your health. ;-)

Sweet Man and I really enjoyed the evenings out, and time to just be with each other. But boy were we oh so excited when we heard that truck pulling a boat coming up the road!

Thanks to my parents for spending this time with our girls, and thanks to my Aunt for being such a wonderful hostess and having them for the weekend....and for that WONDERFUL boat! I hope this means you will come up more often and tour the river with us.

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