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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A jam packed week

Last week was jam packed full of fun activities, and left little time to actually sit down to write. 
There was the Pumpkin Festival that the girls and I were able to attend with some much loved family members.
( My Sweet Aunt and Sister)
There were pumpkins that needed decorating...
Facts and games about bugs...
A hay maze...
Hair painting...
Sand Art...And food!! Lots of food!!! :-) Food on sticks. 
"I think they need to make more food on sticks." ;-)

The 2011 Rod Run and Doo Whop car show was last week too!
Having dinner at our booth for The Printing Press.
The girls making their first sale. :-) They were so was I!
 "Ridin" down by the river
There was a concert...
And lots of dancing! Who knew those three little princesses could move like that?"
And of course there were cars! Lots of them.
I think we all left the show with the desire to go out and buy a muscle car. A green one.
Like this...

(I'm pretty sure I NEED this)

Now sometimes getting the girls motivated in the morning can be a challenge. Not so if they know they get to go to THE BARN after school work is done. I woke up bright and early this day, to find the girls already downstairs waiting. :-) They might have been motivated... Me? Not so much!
I must say this ended up being a pretty awesome day. :-)

Sunday marked a very special occasion. It was Sweet man's birthday, along with my brother's as well. Who knew 33 could look so good?

We Love you so much Sweet Man!!
 You are such a blessing to us all!!!
 Happy birthday...I think you need a new car. A green one. ;-)

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