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Friday, November 4, 2011

Glitter cones

 Several day ago the girls and I were invited back to our friends house for more gabbing and crafting. We were asked to bring pine cones for this fun afternoon. That little request brought about another exciting adventure. The girls armed themselves with plastic grocery bags, and set out for a scavenger hunt around the property for fall treasures. It was so neat seeing  them trek through the woods, accompanied by their dogs, to see who would fill their bag first. I got to stay inside and do laundry. ;-)

This was such a fun and easy craft for them to do. 
Dilute regular ole school glue with some regular ole tap water.
Give the kids a paint brush and some glitter,
And let em have at it! 
They brushed the pine cones with the glue mixture,
And then sprinkled on their glitter. :-)

This would be such a fun, and frugal, way to decorate for the holidays! 
I see lots of glitter and pine cones in our future. :-)

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