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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hiking with a......Turkey????

The days are getting shorter and colder. We are trying to cram as much outside time in that we can. Yesterday's weather was just perfect for being in the woods. We planned a hike, met some buddies half way between farms, and set out for our adventure.
 That's the thing about never know what you will find. It could be a new path, new plants to dig up and add to the garden, or how about a TURKEY?!
 This guy didn't have a chance. When our two families hike, we are normally joined by our dogs. Between the two families their are five dogs. That is a whole lot of sniffers and teeth. While walking down the path the kids startled this turkey. 
 He flew over the bank, and like a flash this little golden retriever grabbed him. It was a quick kill that left no blood shed. Which left us trying to figure out if it was really dead. I was reassured by one little boy in particular that "It was dead".
 Home school farm kids. You gotta love them. They started plucking feathers for crafts, ink quills and decorations.
 "No wait guys! Do you really think it's dead?" ..this is where I pipe up reassuring this little boy "It's dead".
 Bring the vet technicians in to figure out cause of death.
 Clover: "It wasn't me!!"

 The turkey was carried home to be skinned and eaten.
" I know it seems strange darling. But Mommy was just looking at free range organic turkeys at the's the same thing but without the packaging. Would you like for me to shrink wrap it for you and stick it in the freezer for eons?"
 We took turns carrying the turkey back through the woods, and made a pit stop at my Dad's cabin, where he was spending his day laying chimney brick. He strapped the bird onto the four wheeler for easier transport.
That was one "recess" that I am sure the kids will not forget for quite some time! ;-)

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