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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Down for the count...

It took every bit of energy to pull my sleepy head out of bed yesterday morning. I chalked it up to me and the hubs staying up late watching movies and eating everything we could find in the pantry, but after I groggily knocked over a stack of dishes (and broke most of them)  that I had washed the previous night and let hang out to dry (I don't dry dishes, why would you do such a thing when they dry on their own) and then lost my cool when princess 3 decided to show me she was feeling better by doing some ballet moves WHILE holding a glass of milk. Needless to say the milk ended up my newly washed rug. (still trying to get this place to not smell like 2 cats, 2 dogs, 26 baby chicks and 5 humans live here).. After blowing it over something as silly as milk I remembered that I was supposed to be showing these girls that I love them more than a clean house and material things. *sigh* maybe tomorrow I can work on that I I am tired.

I herd the students into their school room thinking we have to do some kind of school just in case anyone asks.

Do not be fooled by their outfits..It's not Christmas, two of the girls just really wanted to wear those dresses, and it's not morning. The other princess just preferred to spend her day in pj's . Hey, it's less laundry if they don't ever change clothes. ;-) We managed to finish our 5 day unit study of Autumn, and it only took us 21 days!!! The only reason I pressed on at all to do school work today was that it involved food :-)

At this point I realize not only am I tired, but I have been blessed with the we finished off our school day with vocabulary thanks to PBS and  Martha Speaks, and our Science with the help of Fetch with Ruff Rufman...followed by some puzzle solving skills with Pat Sajack and Vanna White. Sweet man made a lovely dinner of Pb &J followed by Krispy Creme donuts. Boy do I hate to waste a donut on the flu....but I ate it anyway, two to be exact. (bad idea)  As I went to bed thinking the Lord really has too much faith in me with this whole schooling my girls thing, He reminded me that we bonded today and they learned some really great life lessons. Like when they grow up and feel like they just aren't having enough patience with their children, they should probably just take the day off and stay in bed :-)


  1. You are such a wonderful Mommy and child of God!

  2. WOW...thanks! I sure don't feel like one most days.

  3. There a lot to be said for "Don't cry over spilled milk".

  4. very true, and you think I would be used to it by now :-0