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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

His and Her's

In marriage sometimes the lines blur between who actually owns a certain object. We share just about everything here, but there are a few things that I can actually say "this is His"...or vice versa. Thought it would be neat to document that in photos. :-) (just in case he tries to take my stuff)...just kidding of course!

His truck. No car seats or left over snacks are left in this guy. Isn't it a beauty? You know how many groceries you can haul in the back of this thing... 

My car. Full of car seats and so many leftover snacks and water bottles that every time we get somewhere and open the doors I have to chase down something that fell out for fear of being prosecuted for littering.

Our sinks. They look very similar don't they? But if you could see the whole picture you would see that his has two windows on his side and I only have one. Not to mention that mine is right next to the potty, which is not always a good thing ;-)
His and her drinks of choice. His being the one loaded with sugar and calories, mine loaded with nothing. Now if I would drink his drink on as regular basis as he does I wouldn't fit into a single thing I own, with the exception of my bathrobe maybe. No, he on the other hand can drink it all day and still keep his gorgeous good looks and figure.
His shovel. I kid you not, if I ever ask for his help with planting anything from a tree to a small annual flower, he goes and jumps on this thing to come and dig the biggest hole known to man.
Her shovel. Now when I need to dig a hole I am a little more Eco friendly ;-) mainly because it takes so long to dig a hole with this thing though....hmmm, guess that's why he prefers the other.
His stove. We heat our house with wood through heating hot water that then somehow heats our whole house...I don't really know how, it's a mystery to me, but I do know it works and it's practically free to keep my house at a steady 79 degrees all winter.
Her stove. Just in case the power goes out it's nice to have a back up. Isn't it cute? I noticed sweet man didn't decorate his like I did mine :-) I have been known to make many meals on this thing...I wouldn't dare try cooking in his for fear of loosing an arm or something.
Even though we have different tools or ways of getting things done, it is such a blessing to be able to work together around this place we call home.  (the other two princesses boots where in the wash)


  1. I LOVE this post!!! I think I like your shovel much better, that monster-sized machine would scare me to death~LOL

  2. too Charlotte. I think it's the only "tool" of his that I haven't used :-)

  3. Well finally! It took me a while to notice you had blog :)

    Funny post - and so true, although my "new" truck looks like you hubby's and I love it!

  4. LOL...thought it was time to have my own blog. :-) I would trade cars with my hubby anyday, but I have also been known to run over things like birdhouses in my friends driveway when I do drive it.;-)