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Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's all about the balance...

The word in itself seems so simple and unassuming. To live a happy and stress free life we are told we need to balance work and play. The bank tells us to avoid charges, we need to properly balance our check books. Dietitians tell us that to maintain a healthy weight we are to eat a well balanced diet. Just thinking about all this  balancing is stressing me out. In an effort to really try, I decided to give it my all today and try to live a well balanced life. Let's see, I am going to balance out the fact that I have a clean house (girls had a picnic with my parents today which led to uninterrupted cleaning) with the fact that I have a messy car. There is just not enough time in the day to tackle that project! I am balancing the fact that I have two dogs with having two cats, and with the cooler weather means that they ALL reside in the house now. Which means my clean house will last about a day. We balance organic food with harmful cleaning products here all the time. Cleaning up after all these critters takes some serious cleaning products.  In an effort to save money I clip coupons, only to end up going over budget at the grocery store because a certain something was on sale :-0 Who can resist a little orange sticker that says SALE??  And just in case that isn't enough to insure that I lead a stress free life, tonight I will eat a candy bar while working out on the treadmill. Trying to make sure my children have  a well balanced diet means taking one for the team from time to time. The eating of their Trick or Treat candy just has to be on that list....Hey, at least I tried ;-)

Be careful case you haven't heard, life is all about balance!

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