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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The long awaited breakfast in bed......

So, with Hope running a fever most of the day yesterday we knew church was not going to be an option this morning. With us having a Sunday together here at the house, and no one having to go anywhere, I came up with this wonderful idea and decided to run it by my sweet man. As we were getting ready for bed last night  I mentioned about how nice it would be to have breakfast in bed...I then felt the need to clarify breakfast for ME in bed. Aren't I selfish? It is supposed to be a day of rest ya know.. I have never had the pleasure of such a thing, and movies always make it seem sooooo romantic. I don't think I got a good answer as to if he thought it was as swell of an idea as I did. So as I lay in bed wide awake this morning, and sweet man NOT wide awake. I bring up my great idea again. His response, which was hard to hear I might add with his face buried in his pillow.. "The only way that's going to work is if I go out and BUY the breakfast"... "sure" I say...Hey, I'm not picky :-) By the time he gets back all 3 little princesses have joined me in the bed. Thinking this is not how it works in the movies...further thought led to the sticky mess of jelly their hands will become and the crumbs they will leave on my nice clean sheets. So our "breakfast in bed" ended up down at the table with the WHOLE family....I guess I have waited this long for it, what's a couple more years? ;-)

Thought I would leave you with a couple of cute pictures from around our house :-) (since sweet man just showed me how you go about doing such a thing)

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  1. I love the pics! Breakfast in bed...what a concept....maybe some day.