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Saturday, May 14, 2011

2010-2011 home school wrap up!

The home school year end wrap up, can be kind of hectic. 
All of the finished assignments and art projects need to be picked through, and then put into a portfolio.
 (I should have picked the bigger binders :-o)
After about a week of wading through mounds of paper, we get to visit this sweet lady, so she can evaluate how we did.
 This princess past the fourth grade!
This princess past the second grade!
This Princess was too young for a portfolio, but she is now officially a kindergarten graduate!!

I can't believe that another school year has passed already. Just when I started worrying that we might not have done enough, I put that portfolio together and was amazed at how much we accomplished in one year. Princess #1 went from hating math and barely being able to do addition facts, to loving math and soaring with her multiplication tables. Princess #2 went from sounding out letter blends, to being able to read chapter books. And Princess #3 went from letter recognition to reading short sentences.  We learned all about ants, autumn, easter and even a rare blue diamond. We focused on our character and spent time studying God's word. We learned how to love each other better and to serve others in our community. Most of all....we learned that learning should be fun!  Learning is not something that should be reserved for certain months out of the year, so we will be continuing school through the summer. No, not the boring kind that kids and moms dread. We are going to focus just a wee bit on our math and spelling, but we are going to spend the rest of the time doing all of those neat experiments and activities that we just didn't get around to doing. 

Even though we LOVE our organized activities like our co-op, pioneer club and American Heritage Girls. It will be nice to have a break from everything. Our schedules are starting to clear up, and with that comes a sense of freedom. Freedom to be spontaneous and enjoy all of the moments that the Lord sends our way. It was a great year and I am very proud of all my Princesses! 

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