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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Williamsburg here we come!

Rumor has it that our family is going somewhere super exciting this weekend. Yep. We are going on vacation!!!!!!!!  For Christmas my parents got us a week long stay at Williamsburg, and we are scheduled to be there early Saturday morning!!! I have spent the last week calling around and getting all kinds of awesome deals for this little home school family. A call to Busch Gardens ticket office, told of a local grocery store that is giving away $15 off coupons on park tickets. So it looks like a trip to the grocery store in Virginia will be first on the itinerary. A call to the main Williamsburg office proved quite profitable, for they are giving us a home school discount to get into all of the historic attractions for half price, just because we home school. See it is so beneficial to home school. ;-) Several other deals were found for local miniature golf and a day at the beach.

Now that we are sure to not only have a blast, but do it frugally as well, I wanted to study up for this trip. A home school friend loaned us her book on Williamsburg, and we were reading fools the past two weeks.
 I wanted my princesses to know the history of this awesome town, and some neat things to be on the lookout for. There was a lot of reading to do, and since I have two princesses that physically can't sit still for that much reading, puzzles were in order. (I will let you guess which two I am talking about ;-)
They were happy to work away, all the while learning about coopers, blacksmiths and wig makers. We learned about the Boston Tea party, and even the daily chores of children their ages. So now that we studied up for our vacation, we are off to the store to by some beach supplies.

Before we head out, I thought I might give you an update on our new craw dad. You have to look really close, for he likes to hide.
What? You didn't see him? Oh yeah, that's right. He ESCAPED!!! He is crusin through this house of ours somewhere, but we don't have time to look for him. We have a trip to get ready for! :-)


  1. One of my very favorite places on earth! Hope you all have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see pictures! ((Hugs))

  2. We are having a great time! I will blog all about it when we get home! :-) This has to be my favorite place too!!!