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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Williamsburg Day 1

It's been awhile since I blogged last. What has been going on? ask. The time of our life, that's what! :-) We so enjoyed our trip to Williamsburg, and to help us remember just how much fun we had, I am going to be blogging about it all week.

The car was all packed.
 An activity basket for the trip was put together...
Along with treat bags of course!
 With names on them. I will not referee whose bags of jelly beans those are!
Getting to our town house was an event all by itself. Sweet Man and I are super gifted at drawing out stuff, like a car trip. It was supposed to take us around 5 hours to get to our destination, we made it take over 7.
 :-0 Princess #2 needed to stretch her legs a bit, but became a pro at doing it while we were still driving.
 We stopped along the way to see neat things.Like this lovely statue at Tamarack.
Such a fine piece of art, of a man...smelling his armpit!! What!? 
The girls got a huge giggle out of this, as did I. ;-)

We also stopped at the local CVS to get those awesome coupons on Busch Gardens tickets. (You had to buy the tea to get the coupons.)

When we finally did arrive at what we would call home for the next week, we were not let down on just how grand it was. It was awesome! The girls went straight to organizing their clothes, and belongings, in their rooms.
I threw together a quick dinner and some smores for dessert,
Then we were off to check out the indoor pool...
And we ended the evening with a night time walk to the park.
This ended our first day in Williamsburg, and it was so much fun! 

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