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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Williamsburg vacation Day 2

Day two of our vacation we headed on over to Busch Gardens for a full day of adrenaline and thrills. To save money on food, we packed our cooler full of PB &J's and our tea that we had to buy to get the deal on the tickets.

This by far was the best time I can remember having with our kids. It was the first time at a theme park without strollers, diaper bags and/or bottles. Just five of us walking around enjoying everything we could possibly cram in. We arrived at the park before it opened, and stayed after it closed, and still didn't hit everything they offered.

The first ride we did get to ride though was a beast of a ride. When you get to the park they measure your kids and give them a little arm band, telling them what rides are safe for them.
And with my girls being on the short side, I just assumed the rides would be low key and calm. No so! The first ride they picked was the Loch ness monster. We were all tall enough, so we hopped in line. With our family having an odd number, someone was going to have to ride alone. Princess # 1 volunteered, for she didn't know what this ride was. I got to ride with Princess # 2 while Sweet Man had Princess #3. Well, as we start our ascend up to the moon it felt like, I was starting to wonder just what we got our little girls into. A super fast roller coaster that goes upside down not once, but twice. That's what! Well me and princess #2 just laughed our heads off, so naturally when the ride was over I assumed everyone else enjoyed it as well. Not the case. Princess #1 was shaking and crying and was positive she was not going to come off the ride alive, and Princess #3 was just positive that she would NEVER EVER ride that thing AGAIN! With this being their first ride, we had to have a disclaimer on ALL rides after it. "Does it go upside down?" "Nope!" It sounds way worse than it was. We all laughed about it all day. Until the next ride that scared them to death. ;-)

Now, you remember those peanut butter sandwhiches I packed in our cooler. You know, the ones to save us money. Well, it is impossible to eat those after smelling barbequed food ALL day. And from a girl that doesn't like a whole lot of meat, I am hear to tell ya I have been converted. Oh my was that the best chicken I have ever eaten. We have a mean rooster at our house again, and I am starting to envision him slathered in sauce and thrown on the grill. :-) Don't worry, we ate the money saving sandwiches for dinner, but they didn't taste near as good as the chicken!

We rode everything possible at the park, and the rides that were way too scary for the girls, Sweet Man rode alone. I explained to the girls how Daddy's need to have that adrenaline rush of near death experiences. Experiences that make you feel alive and excited. Mommys? Well, they just need ice scream!
Raising our girls we get a lot of questions from them. One in particular, who wants to know when we can do stuff. We are quite often asked "when can we go on a boat, airplane, train, or ride a horse..." I always answer with "Someday." We finally got to answer "Today" while we were at Busch gardens.
They got to ride a horse... ;-)
Take a train ride...
Boat ride...
Float freakishly high in the air in a tram. Oh yeah. I love the big roller coasters, but don't just suspend me in the air and move me ever so slowly on this tiny little cable thing.

I do not like these at all!! The girls loved them, so we got to not only ride it once. But TWICE!!
While waiting for Sweet Man to risk his life on another death defying ride,
we splashed in the over spray from it.
So many neat and first time things were done on this day.
And you know what? This cowgirl finally got her a horse!
It didn't have that authentic horsey smell I love. But it claimed to come with less maintenance. ;-)

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