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Friday, June 3, 2011

Williamsburg vacation Day 4

The forecast called for super hot temperatures of high 90's for this day. So what did we pick to do on this hot muggy day? Walk around all afternoon OUTSIDE. We started off this day with a trip to Jamestown.
We learned how they ground corn. And even got to give it a try for ourselves. Makes me appreciate my wheat grinder even more. ;-)
Learned all about their version of Temper Pedic mattresses. I am now realizing why they never slept in. Whew...those things are not what I would call "comfortable."
Couldn't leave this place without checking out their gardens!
The main attraction for the day? Anything that had a shady spot. ;-)
Guess what? They sell ice cream too!!!!!
We checked out the boats...
And of course the water fountain!
They had a really neat museum INSIDE. So we spent extra long in there!
Princess #2 and 3 loved this little house. They asked if I could sit on the bench and let them play Indians inside. "You want me to just sit and rest while you play?"...."I can do that!"
Did you know that you aren't supposed to take pictures in this museum? Well, me neither. Guess that is why they had some official looking man walk over to remind me. :-o

After our touring of Jamestown, we headed on over to Yorktown for our picnic lunch in the shade.
This is right when my camera battery died. At least we got a picture of my new purse in this one. Isn't it adorable? :-)

The beginning of Yorktown starts with a little 20 minute history movie. I was afraid the girls would be bored by it, but they all loved it and princess #3 even asked if we could go back in and watch it again. It might have had something to do with the hot temperatures outside. They had the neatest gardens and chicken coops, but of course I was without a camera. They even had a turkey that kept following us around. Given our history with large poultry following us around and attacking us, we were of course frightened. The guides kept reassuring us it just wanted to be friends. Princess #1 wasn't so sure and tried to stay as far away from the thing as she could.  There was a military demonstration of  firing a cannon, and Princess #1 got to participate. That made up for the "friendly" turkey....I think. This place didn't have ice cream, so we left. Just kidding... It was time to move on to a new attraction.

A ferry boat ride. This was so neat, and free. Which made it even neater, if you know what I mean. :-) We loaded our car on the ferry and then headed to the top of the boat to throw our arms open wide in the wind and pretend like we were flying. The smells, the seagulls, the was just awesome! We stayed over on the island to eat and over priced dinner and then headed back on the ferry to go "home."

When we made it back the girls were still full of energy and wanted to swim in the indoor pool. The grownups were tired, so we sat by the pool and chatted while the kids swam.

We all went to bed very tired, but very happy! :-)

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