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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Williamsburg vacation Day 5 (The beach!!!)

Today we planned on it being a beach day. There were a couple beaches off of the Chesapeake bay that were really close, but we chose to drive and hour away to hit the real deal. Virginia beach! I wanted the girls to taste the salty water. To smell the ocean smells and feel the crashing waves. We have only been to the beach twice since we were married. Once when our oldest Princess was a couple of months old, and four years ago when we won a trip from the office. The only catch. We had to go in March, and we needed mittens to walk on the beach while we were there. I was ready for a real beach day. Enjoying the sun and playing in the sand and water. To make sure the sun didn't wreak havoc on our sun starved skin, Sweet Man and I slathered everyone up with SPF 50 sunscreen before we left to give it time to soak in.

They were so excited about the waves.
It was worth the extra hour drive for them to be able to experience this!
What do you do when you really want to go farther out in the ocean, but your scared?
 You ask Daddy to take you. :-)
I got to spend half the day building a sand fort with Princess #2. She loves sand so much that she asked for it for her birthday one year. To say that she was having a great time, would be putting it mildly!
A sand mermaid!
I wonder if people who live close to the ocean ever get tired of it? 
I don't think I would. It's so amazing!
We stayed a full day at the beach complete with our cooler filled with lunch and drinks. Around 4:30 I started feeling like my sunscreen might have worn off. We decided it was probably time to head back and started packing up. We were afraid we would miss the beach, so we took some of it with us. In every nook and cranny of our body that is. Remember that hour long car ride? It seems longer when you are burnt and covered in sand. :-o By evening it was apparent that were were burnt pretty bad. So bad that Sweet Man was running a fever and blistering. I am thinking he had sun poisoning. As we lay in the bed moaning I rolled over and said to Sweet Man, "Isn't it great though? We got to go to the beach!!" :-)

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