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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something added to the morning routine.

I am definitely a creature of habit and love a good routine. My mornings pretty much always go the same.
                                          1. Wake up before the crack of dawn to go walk with my good buddy.
                                          2. shower
                                          3.drink coffee and study my bible
                                          4. Tackle feeding and watering all the farm critters
                                          5. Pack Sweet Man's lunch
                                          6. Get bird out of chimney.

Wait. Number 6 has just recently been added, and is getting old pretty fast.

( I don't know why, but blogger won't let me upload this photo right.) Do you see the starling? It goes great with my primitive decorations, but I am still not a fan of it hanging out in this window, after it's rescue from the stove pipe. Oh wait! Sweet Man came down to the rescue, wearing nothing but his bath towel. ;-) A long pool net sent this little guy flying through our house hitting every small window he could find, until he flew out the rather large door that was propped open for him. I think this is one part of my routine I would like to change! ;-) Does make for a comical morning though.... especially when the bath towel falls off! ;-)

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