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Monday, June 6, 2011

Williamsburg vacation Day 6

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the beach, but it left us dreading the sun the day after. We chose to keep this day low key and try to only do things INDOORS. The resort offers really neat crafts throughout the day, and since they were free, and inside, we were all for it.

Sweet Man took the girls to their first crafting session, while I stayed at the town house to do laundry and tidy up. Yes. I know it's vacation, but you still need clean underwear and places to sit down. :-)
Tidying up took way less time than I thought, so I hiked it on over to the crafting area to join in. I am really reconsidering having a large house. I could have so much more fun if my house was as tiny and easy to clean  as that town house was!
After we had our fun with scratch art, we headed out to a really neat restaurant for lunch. Hey, you can only take so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. :-o
Jungle Jim's. This place was wonderful! Loved the food and the prices weren't too bad either. They even gave us a free desert!!
After lunch we headed back to the resort for more free crafting. This painting! (okay, so we had to pay 2$ for the glass, but it was worth it to stay inside)
We finished up our shiny masterpieces, and then hit the INDOOR pool. Well I should clear up that only the kids hit the pool this time. I could't even fathom putting my bathing suit on over my lobster colored back. I found some neat brochures to read all about Virginia fudge while they swam. Do you know how hard it is to read something like that, and not be eating a snack? I was counting the minutes till our swim session was over, so I could head back to the house for some sweet nourishment! All I could find was a pop tart...but it worked. ;-)
An evening round of miniature golf was in order. After Princess #3 said she was scared to play and wondered if it went upside down (like the Loch Ness monster ride we went on), we realized they had no idea what miniature golf even was...LOL I also realized that it is much easier to be patient and calm with my girls, when I don't have to teach or explain things. I think organized games are way overrated, and the free play beach day was looking real nice after I had to explain over and over again "Get off the green when it's not your turn.....please." Sweet Man kept reminding me we were having fun...yes...we were.  ;-)
They really did enjoy it.....and so did I, After they got off the green. ;-)

And you know what else is cool? They even have a Dairy Queen in Virginia!!
Because of a little mix up with when we were actually supposed to arrive in Williamsburg, this was our last full day. We headed back to wash and pack all of our belongings to be ready to leave the next day. We still had a few neat things to see though....More about those tomorrow. :-)

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