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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Williamsburg vacation Day 3

After a full day of touring Busch Gardens, we decided to just stay at our resort and relax the next day. There are so many neat things to do at King's Creek, and we needed a full day to explore them all. We started off with the tiered outside pools. As soon as we got everyone dressed and over started to rain. We continued with our plans of having an outside swim day, and started setting up our stuff under one of the umbrellas. Princess #2 was pretty concerned. "What if we get wet"....she asked. To this I just had to giggle, for we were here to WATER. ;-) The rain only lasted a few minutes and we were then free to enjoy the day.
Getting there at 9:30 a.m. and staying till after 2:00p.m. required a picnic lunch.
And a nap of course...LOL
After we had our fun in the sun and water, we cleaned up and headed on over to Williamsburg to tour the gardens. This was what I had been waiting for!!!! And you can't leave Williamsburg without having your picture taken in one of these. ;-)
I came home with so many "new" ideas for my gardens. This is such a great place for garden inspiration.
 After our garden touring, it was time for a night time ghost tour. We chose the kid friendly one, without all of the scariness. It reminded me more of campfire or bedtime stories, with a pinch of fear added. We didn't want to scare our kids to death. We already did that the day before on the Loch Ness monster ride. ;-)
Each girl had a chance to hold the lantern on the tour.
And I got to hold a hand. :-)
We ended the day with another night time walk around the resort, and playtime at one of the parks.
What a great day this was!

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