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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Freezing eggs

For the longest time I have had a dream of being able to eat right out of my back yard. We started turning our plot of land, into a farm, almost seven years ago. There are sometimes that I get frustrated with what we still have left to do, and then I see the pictures of what we started with, and how far we have come. We started with a blank canvass.  Just 44 acres of trees and multi floral rose. No house. No outbuildings. No gardens or orchards or animal pens.

 When we returned from our vacation, the gardens were in full throttle for what they were producing. Realizing that this is my dream, I don't want to waste any of the food. The girls have been busy picking strawberries, rhubarb,  mint, lettuce, peas, herbs, swiss chard, spinach, and gathering eggs. Right now we have too much food for our little family to eat, so I have been preserving it for later, when there isn't so much coming in from the back yard.

Right now we are swamped with eggs. We are collecting two dozen eggs a day. No matter how hard I try, we can't eat that many. I have been selling some, but we are still left with too much. Someone mentioned to me that you could freeze them. "Freezing eggs??" Why yes. Just crack them open and put in an ice try to freeze.
Once frozen, just pop them out and put them in a freezable container. I am told these are great for baking. Just thaw out how many you need for your recipe, and TADAA! Now we won't have an egg shortage come December when I am baking away and the chickens aren't laying as well.
There is such a good feeling of not having to go the market for food.  I heard on tv the other day that gardening is a new trend. What?? New trend?? Gardening was and actually is a way of life. Walmart wasn't always there you know. Why aren't more people growing their own food?


  1. that is smart in the ice trays like that! and why aren't more people growing their own food? Lack on knowledge? or because it is darn hard work?

  2. Stephanie are your hens laying good right now? It is hard work isn't it? But oh so rewarding! We need to plan a visit. It's been too long!