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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not the bummer summer!

Yesterday I took the girls on a rare outing. We went to the movies. With the price of a movie ticket being right up there with a trip to the moon, we hardly ever get to go. We chose the matinee showing of Judy Moody, Not the bummer Summer. It was a pretty cute movie about a little girl wanting to have the most wonderful summer vacation ever. I thought it would be neat to show some photos of things we have been doing, to insure our summer wouldn't be able to be described as a bummer one.

We carved out new little gardens everywhere...including IN the yard. ;-)
Tried our hand at paint by number...for the first time! This was definitely a hit!
Added a new little bunny to our bunny coop. cause ya know, man wasn't meant to be alone.
Spiced up some old T-shirts with puff paint.
Experienced the magic of shrink art.
Had a full blown camp out with a fake fire, scary stories under flash lights and everything. All in the comfort of a princesses' bedroom.
Had a spa day for our four legged critters. Hmm...I think I need a bigger wash tub. ;-)
Spent a whole day, seeing what we could create with melty beads.
Got in touch with our creative side and painted sculptures, napkins, paper and even arms. :-o
Last but not least...helped daddy get our pool ready. Between this pool, our sandbox and a box of Popsicles, our days have been a hit. And with all that outside play, my house is still a mess. How does that happen?
Any days spent with these girls, couldn't be described as being a bummer!

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