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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Barn school!!!!

Even though my girls definitely have their own personalities, I can see myself a lot in them. Sometimes that is down right scary, and other times it's kinda cool. Lately they have all shown interest in horses, and one of them is pretty much obsessed by them. That's OK...I am too! The other night while I was cleaning out a patch of woods, I decided to have a bonfire to burn the broken limbs and leaves. Now the girls just love when I have a bonfire. I don't know why, but it always bring about so much creativity. So when I saw princess #2 coming out of the house with a ball of yarn, and the other two setting up little obstacle courses, I was of course curious to see what this adventure was about. Upon asking, I was informed that they were making a jumping course for their horses. They ended up being the horses. :-) They cantered and galloped all over the yard for the rest of the evening. It was such a neat thing to watch.

Lately every time we have to drive somewhere they play the horse spot game, as in let's see who can spot a horse on the drive. I have been known to take the "long" way somewhere just for the fact that we would be driving past a field of horses. But yesterday I felt like giving them a little bit more. I had a surprise for them!

After piano class I took the girls to THE BARN. I have it in all caps because it deserves all caps. It's the barn where my first horse was boarded 9 years ago. It's the barn where I worked to earn money for that said horse. It's the barn where princess #1 got to play in the sawdust and chase little kittens. It's the barn that my friend owns. So yesterday, after not visiting for several years, I decided it had been too long. It was so hard having infants at a barn, so when the second princess arrived, we kind of stopped going. But now, they are so grown up and responsible, for which I am so proud. I had a proposition for this friend. Would she let us come down and help her clean out stalls, brush horses, feed, clean up, etc., just for the fact of being with her and her horses. I am not sure how the schedule can handle another day out, but I was so happy to be able to give this opportunity to the girls. Hey, I could stand to loose a few pounds anyway, and there is no easier way to do that than farm labor. ;-) My friend agreed after watching the girls for a bit to make sure she could trust them  to not get into harms way. She has a lot of horses, like probably 20...I don't know I lost count. I was just in sheer awe of all that lovely horsey smell, that counting seemed too hard at the moment. So one day a week, after school, we will don our farm clothes, pack snacks, and head to THE BARN!

I think she was kind of excited that we stopped to visit. She even played a game with the girls, and sat them down to teach them a few things about this much loved animal.
 Barn school!!! How fun is that? :-)
I have moved right to the top of the list for super cool moms, in my girls book at least! ;-)

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