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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Provider

There are many words that I could use to describe God, but lately it would be provider. He definitely is a God who provides. I can look around at/in my house, and see things that we could never have had if it didn't come to us through the Lord. Our house being the main one. :-) But not only does he provide the necessary things, I have come to know Him to provide things we want, and would enjoy.

In a previous post I mentioned how we have one little princess taking piano lessons. When I told her that I had signed her up for these lessons, she was concerned. "But Mom, we don't have a piano."...."I know Darling, but we have this little keyboard you can practice on, and I am sure if the Lord wants us to have a piano He will give us one." Now when I told her this I really did believe it...I just figured it was going to be way down the line. As in, we would have to save for a beat up, old used one, or something.

Sweet Man came home last week and told me we were getting a piano!!!!! I was like "WHAT?" His uncle had been remodeling someone's house, and they had a beautiful piano they wanted to get rid of, as in FREE!! I must confess that I felt my faith growing as the Lord reminded me how much He cared about my girls....and me!
Isn't she a beauty?! Thank you Uncle Ricky for thinking of us, and for all your help in getting it here!

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