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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The battle of the back porch

My back porch has always been something I felt like I had to fight for. When we had turkeys, their favorite place to hang out, was the back porch. They would peck on the glass doors, and seemed confused as to why they were not allowed inside with the rest of the family. The goats had even been known to "visit" the back porch too. Then there were the chickens. With the exposed rafters who could blame them? They made a wonderful safe spot to roost away from predators. The only problem? When chickens roost, they a lot! We fixed their fence and clipped their wings to insure this wouldn't happen anymore. But then there were the dogs. Oh how I love my dogs. But they can make a mess. I think they often wonder why we put those decorative pillows so high. It makes it that much harder for them to reach, and then shred. But they are determined dogs, and do not believe in giving up. One of them also does not believe in going off the porch in inclement weather to do her business. As she gets older the word inclement is starting to change to any. I did say that I love my dogs right? Some days it is harder than others. Like yesterday when a dead bird was brought in my house!! :-o Thank you Sweet Jessie for your kind gift....but no thanks.

I can remember one summer when it began to hail. I feared for my little pony who couldn't seem to find his way out of the storm, so I brought him up on the back porch to wait it out. He didn't seem to mind, for at the time it was also used to store hay. Seriously, what would one do without a back porch? It has housed turtle habitats, rabbit hutches, frogs and I am sure many more. But not now! Nope. It has a new "owner" and I am excited to say....that it's ME!!!
Sweet Man has been working hard to make this back porch something wonderful. He had to add the ceiling, recessed lights, a fan for summertime, and of course screen it in! I don't mind the bugs as much as I do all of the farm critters. But won't it be wonderful to hang out on this beautiful porch and just sit and watch?! And to think I won't even have to step over dead things or piles of poop! This is exciting stuff to a farm girl!! To make the sitting part even nicer, Sweet Man bought me patio furniture! It helps to buy things at the end of the season. It was half price! :-)

 One of the neatest things about this new project, is the fact that I can leave the patio doors open all day! Every house needs a little bit more fresh air, and with inside dogs I am thinking I should never close these. ;-)
No bunnies, chickens, turkeys, goats, ponies or dogs. Just a girl and her coffee! Thank you Sweet Man! You are amazing!!!!! :-)

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