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Monday, September 19, 2011

A change of address

Sweet Man's grandmother (Lee Heise) changed addresses this past Saturday. She is now in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. It was just a little over 2 weeks ago, that we helped her celebrate her 87th birthday. I did not know very much about this special lady, but she was loved and will be missed.


  1. My mother and I shared the hobby of sewing, yard-saling, visiting flea markets and love and gratitude for our salvation from sin. She loved to try a craft once. Seemed every year or so, she was making a different type of craft and sharing them with mostly with the women in the family at family gatherings. Her 30's were busy with her growing family and being a Girl Scout leader. Her 40's she added working at the local grocery store in the bakery and meat department. Her 50's she worked a few years in an office atmosphere for Goodyear Tire Co, near Cleveland OH. When she stopped working there, she began babysitting from her home. She (and my Dad) helped "raise" another large group of children, as they spent a great deal of time at their house into the evening hours, too. She always wanted to keep busy doing things. This was her biggest frustration in her last 6 to 9 months -- she wanted to be "doing something"!!
    She was able to help make baby bibs and burp cloths for about 14 months with me. I still have 2 large boxes of bibs in various stages of completion. 8-) Well, enough reminiscing! Thanks for sharing the pictures of Mom's last days..... she surely will/is being missed. -Kathy

  2. Kathy one of the things I remember about her was the week of the power outage. Do you remember that time? You all came over to stay with us since we had a fireplace. It was so dark we could barely see, but she still insisted on working on those bibs...LOL She was so dedicated to her crafts! <3

  3. Yes, I remember that time - I think she must have dropped a whole lot of straight pins on your carpet, too. lol 8-/

  4. Yes...but that's what we have a vacuum for ;-)