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Friday, September 9, 2011

The sounds of fall

I love the changing of the seasons. Each new season brings about something to get excited over. The new sights, smells, and even sounds, bring about a change to keep it all from feeling monotonous. When I think of the changing seasons I often think about what is going on outside, but in fact, a lot changes inside as well.

The sounds of the house have went from free time play, to electric pencil sharpeners and question of  "How do you spell ____?" Or "Mom, do you know where Capri is?" We have had a transition from cartoons, to bible and science videos. From puppet shows, to the same little song learned on the piano by Princess#1, at her first lesson. It is played over and over and over, as she not only tries to learn it herself, but is teaching it to the younger princesses. My house has gone from Martha Stewart clean, to piles of laundry and dishes sitting around, while I take the time to actually sit on the couch and read to the girls. Who needs clean underwear anyway? :-o  Clear conversations have gave way to slurred speech and excess drooling from the second little princess. That's right, she has started on her orthodontic work. Upon leaving their office they told her to try and talk as much as she could, so she could get use to speaking with so many appliances in her mouth. I am thinking this lady must not have children, or at least not girls. You really don't need to tell a little girl to just comes naturally. Ask Sweet Man. ;-)

The dogs have decided the chilly nights are not for them..and they have moved back inside.
 The girls think the chilly nights are just right for cuddling!
First day of piano brought about a lot of excitement.
 And a few minutes to visit with their good buddies.
Our scouting troop has started back up.
And we are still harvesting out of our garden! :-)
 So far, this guy has made the cut. He is sweet enough, and he has not attached himself to the back of my leg yet! That makes him a keeper for sure. ;-)
 Several bowls of pears came inside yesterday. Trying to decide if I should can, freeze or dehydrate them. 
Think we might just eat them. ;-)

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything,
   and a season for every activity under the heavens:

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