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Monday, April 25, 2011

Harvesting honey :-)

Honey time!

If you are going to harvest honey with your Dad, there are a few things that will be needed. No,I'm not talking about those fancy and expensive bee supplies. First, you will definitely need a little princess that is camera happy, and is all to pleased to take more pictures than imaginable. Now, be warned. This princess will not try to capture your best side/look when taking these photos. :-o I look like I gained 10 pounds in this picture!! Has to be the way she is holding the camera....
Second thing you need, is of course a Christmas apron. A CHRISTMAS APRON?? Sure. Why not. With this day being Easter, it just seemed appropriate to wear an apron celebrating Christmas. In this way you have Jesus' whole life summed up. Came to earth as a baby and eventually died for us so we could be with him forever. And another plus is the fact that if you are behind on laundry, you know that you have at least 8 months till you really need to have this one washed. ;-)
Next you need a good ole fashioned fork, colander with small holes, and large roasting pan. Oh yeah, just simple kitchen supplies. After I uncapped the honey, I scrapped it all into the colander for the honey to separate from the comb.
Now doesn't that look delicious?! It tastes pretty yummy too!


  1. This cracked me up, I love the humor and truth. And yes it does look delish!

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  3. hmmm, not sure what happened to my comment. Thanks Sharon! Glad I could make you laugh. ;-)