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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The promise of Easter

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday. The children in the church blessed us adults, by walking up the center aisle waving palm branches and singing Hosanna in the highest. Now, if that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I don't know what will. It brought tears to my eyes seeing my children being taught the true meaning of Easter. It's not about cute bunnies or marshmallow peeps. Why do even we Christians forget this sometimes?

I have had an even stronger desire this year to teach my children how important these days are. The days of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. I ordered a week long unit study just about these special days, and we will be doing it all week.
Yesterday was our first day, and this study brought up a lot of awesome conversations. Princess #3 asked if getting to heaven was really as simple as just believing in Jesus. When I answered "Yes" she was blown away that someone would decide to not do that. I had to agree! Kids just get it you know...
Working away on learning all about how special Easter really is.

I have also been thinking about how much work I put into teaching my girls to eat healthy food, and then give them special rewards for holidays that consist of more sugar than anyone should consume in a week, let alone a day. For this reason alone we opted out of buying our usual peanut butter eggs this year, that we make with our scouting troop. I just couldn't justify giving them that much sugar. I came up with another plan. I took our staple cookie recipe and covered it in melted  chocolate. Ok, sure the chocolate has SOME sugar...but not near as much as the usual peanut butter egg. I left out the chocolate chips in the recipe since it would be getting covered in plenty later. :-) I think the girls will love them!

And since bunnies are so dag on cute...I surprised the girls with one of those as well. Yes it was given to them early, but I have a thing for furry little critter babies. :-) Hey, Jesus made these as well. I just keep telling myself I am teaching them to love His creation. ;-)
 It's our new classroom pet. Every class room needs a pet ya know!
And who wouldn't want a cute little critter to stuff in a box and carry around the house? I know these three kiddos enjoyed it. :-) I will admit that I had forgotten just how much poo one little guy could make. Oh well, it's working great for the garden!

This Easter let's remember how special this time is. Let's not get caught up in the worldly ways of teaching our kids about a make believe bunny that brings you hollow chocolate candy. Jesus gave us the ultimate gift...that's enough. We don't need to add to that....and those hollow chocolate bunnies are so deceiving anyways! :-)

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