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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Going cuckoo over here!

Our family was recently blessed with a cuckoo clock. It was given to me by my uncle, and I feel very honored to be the recipient of it. Choosing the perfect spot to hang it took a little while to decide. I was in the middle of painting several rooms in the house, and I couldn't decide just where to place such an ornate clock. All three girls wanted it for their room, which was an easy answer. "No." ;-)

We decided to hang it in the downstairs hallway, and we have had many giggles since. It never fails, I will be walking through the hallway with my arms loaded with the princesses forgotten treasures, that they have strung throughout the house, and as soon as I am smack dab in front of it, will be the moment the bird decides to make an appearance. Jumping out of my skin would be a good way to describe the first couple of days. It also chooses to chime right when I sit down to read aloud to the girls. Which they love, for they know they have at least ten more seconds to play. :-)
The girls love this clock so much, and have set up a little schedule for who gets to wind it up everyday. Who knew a clock could teach responsibility and sharing? :-) Of course there had to be lessons on how to wind it up and make sure it doesn't fall off the wall....this is where Sweet Man stepped in. I home school ya know, it was may day off. ;-)
There are so many neat things about this clock, one being that wherever you are in the house, every thirty minutes, you are reminded that you are running behind schedule. ;-)

Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for this clock. My uncle has been battling pancreatic cancer and is scheduled to have surgery on April 21 to see if they can remove the tumor. If you could please remember him in prayer I would appreciate it very much!

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  1. Thanks soooo much. I am glad you are having fun with it..