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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There's no place like home!

Give me the choice between going out somewhere exciting, or staying home, and I will pick staying home most of the time. I love being home, and so do our girls. Home is where we feel safe to be who we really are. To get creative and explore our God given talents, or find out that maybe we aren't quite as talented in one area that we thought we sewing...:-o I am here to say that the Lord has yet to bless me with that talent. :-)

We had several offers of get togethers today, but we politely declined them all. We wanted to be home. I surprised the girls with a fun day off from school. They normally only get a day off when we have to go somewhere or do something. They are normally pretty busy girls with their school and chores, and I felt like they needed a day to just have fun with each other. I read to them for most of the morning and they just played Lego's. When I was done reading, they wanted to know what they HAD to do next. I just looked at them and said "NOTHING!" Boy, you should have seen their jaws drop. They continued to play Lego's for a good part of the morning, so I decided to do what else...Move furniture! :-)

Our Master Bedroom 20 minutes into the makeover....
Two hours later.....
 I am pretty pleased with it...sure hope Sweet Man is...:-o
After the big room overhaul we decided to make a mess...a painting mess that is!
 What to do with all of those potatoes that have eyes growing out of them....potato stamps of course!
 Chip board makes for good abstract art painting as well.
I think we need more days at home! It's good for the soul....and the house gets organized too! :-)

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